If you are looking for high quality piano lessons in Paris, you have found the perfect place.

If you want to start playing the piano or rekindle your passion for this beautiful instrument, then you have found the right place!

Whatever your level, from beginner to advanced amateur pianist, the Paris Music Institute provides you with excellent quality piano lessons.

We are very attentive to the teaching techniques used by the greatest pianists! We utilise them and adjust them with the utmost care to our students.

We are constantly looking for the best way to ensure the optimal development of each person.

Learn from a talented pianist and excellent piano teachers.

Our overseeing piano teacher, Céline Gaurier-Joubert, is a concert pianist and master teacher.

She devotes her time to teaching and helping piano enthusiasts in the most effective way possible. Her studies and research have led her to many exceptional discoveries about piano playing and the secrets of the touch on the piano’s keys! Her teachers include some of the world's greatest pianists ever.

It is a privilege to learn piano with such a master!

Helping you become a good musician is our mission!

Why choose us? What do we offer that is unique for you?

If there were only one, it would be this one:

You can expect GREAT RESULTS. We promise you swift progress in a short period of time with our results-oriented methods.

Learning with EXCELLENT musicians who specialise in teaching adults is marvelous!

  • You learn faster!
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  • No loss of time!
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Our success is your success. Our philosophy: We offer the best adult music instruction to develop your musicality, using methods RARELY SEEN BEFORE!

We use the techniques of the best! We know how the world's greatest pianists teach and we want to go the extra mile by taking greater care of our students. We are proactive in assisting you to be the very best you can be!

We are interested in YOUR progress and results!

Our goal is you!

Our goal is simple: to inspire you!

If we can inspire and motivate you, then we can change your life!

Becoming a good musician (even if you just play for fun), requires a lot of motivation and excellent input from music teachers who genuinely care about you!

Our mission is to bring out the best in you!

Join Paris’ most distinguished music academy for adults

Exclusive music instruction for adults of all ages and abilities (absolute beginners are very welcome!)