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Céline Gaurier-Joubert is a concert pianist and the founder of Paris Music Institute. Thanks to her unparalleled knowledge and experience, she has become a reference in the field of music education for adults.

In early 2020, pianist Céline Gaurier-Joubert opened an adult music academy in the heart of Paris, just off the Champs-Elysées, with the aim of offering a musical paradise for adults who want to learn or improve their skills with fantastic music teachers.

His dream was to open a unique facility where amateur musicians from all walks of life could flourish and study their favourite instrument in a relaxed and non-judgmental environment.

Céline's rare understanding of amateur musicians

Céline was born into a family of amateur musicians. Both her parents played music while pursuing their demanding careers and are still musically active, although retired. They have always been members of various chamber music ensembles and amateur orchestras, which has allowed Céline to meet a large number of people who play music for pleasure. Through this extraordinary background, she has developed a great understanding of how amateur musicians think and feel about music.

In addition to having grown up in this environment, Céline has had the opportunity throughout her career to meet many amateur pianists of different levels who wanted to benefit from her advice. Some had never had the chance to touch a musical instrument before, while others already had a solid musical background. Teaching these fantastic music lovers has always been a pleasure for Céline, as she always felt that amateur musicians seemed to have a deeper love of music than she felt with professional musicians. She has often found that professional musicians are so concerned with their performance that they sometimes forget their love of music.

Céline Gaurier-Joubert could have chosen to teach children or future professional musicians, but she preferred to focus on amateur musicians.

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43 rue du Colisee

Providing a pleasant environment for music lovers was one of Celine's goals. She wanted to ensure that they studied in a beautiful and welcoming environment.

The Paris Music Institute is located at 43 rue du Colisée, a few minutes walk from the Champs-Elysées, in a charming little premises accessed by the courtyard. The peaceful atmosphere encourages creativity and helps even the most anxious students to forget their fears and express themselves without ever feeling judged or negatively criticised.

Céline has always found it difficult to study music in the aseptic halls of conservatories and she wanted to offer adults a place where one simply feels good.

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Why choose Paris Music Institute?

Céline taught privately for some years in Paris and Switzerland before moving to London in 2005. In both cities, she was surprised to find no institutions that were clearly dedicated to amateur musicians. Conservatories are reserved for talented children or future professional musicians. Most schools and private teachers accept adults and children, but music schools for adults only had not yet emerged. It was heartbreaking for Céline to realise that no one cared enough about amateur musicians to open an institution where they would be welcome and not meet very young children who were more musically adept or advanced than they were.

Celine spoke to many adults who were afraid to learn a musical instrument for fear of being overheard by 6 year olds who were much more talented than them.

Adults need to study in a suitable environment to develop as much as they deserve!

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Working with outstanding music teachers

At the Paris Music Institute, we are pleased to say that we work strictly with extraordinary music teachers who have a great deal of experience teaching adults and a genuine interest in passing on their knowledge to those who play for pleasure.

Amateur musicians have particular needs that we pride ourselves on understanding. They approach learning music in a unique way that requires a specific skill set. Learning to play music as an adult can be intimidating, so it is important to use a lot of psychology when teaching. Most adults are sensitive because they generally lack confidence in their potential and abilities.

At the Paris Music Institute, we always try to adapt to each of our students and to teach them in a way that corresponds to their desires, their abilities and their personality. We know that every adult plays for pleasure without striving for perfection, but that they also want to progress in order to enjoy playing music. It is therefore important for the teacher to find the right balance between encouragement and constructive criticism.

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Everyone has talent and it's never too late

We believe that every music lover deserves a wonderful musical education, whether they are a beginner or an experienced amateur musician. You don't need to be particularly talented to join the Paris Music Institute as we will work with your level and abilities to help you become the brilliant musician you have always wanted to be. There is no minimum level required and competition is not the order of the day.

At the Paris Music Institute, we want all music lovers to enjoy their music lessons and become the musicians they have always wanted to be!

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All adults are welcome at any time of the year

You can join the Paris Music Institute at any time of the year as we do not want you to wait for a specific date if you have a burning desire to start learning to play the piano or improve your singing skills. However, as we know that consistency is the key to success, we require that lessons take place every week, on a fixed day and time.

Whether you have never touched a musical instrument or you are an advanced amateur musician who has been playing for over 20 years, we encourage you to start your music lessons as soon as possible! You will be welcome, even if you think you have no musical talent, and we will be happy to prove you wrong!

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