Giving the gift of learning the piano: a dream gift!

About the Author: Celine Gaurier-Joubert

Céline Gaurier-Joubert is a concert pianist and the founder of Paris Music Institute. Thanks to her unparalleled knowledge and experience, she has become a reference in the field of music education for adults.

Christmas is just around the corner! Your close friend loves the piano and you're wondering what to get him this year?

A piano? You love your friend, but not so much that you would remortgage your house to buy such a gift!

Sheet music? The friend in question doesn't have access to a piano, so it's not particularly useful as a gift.

A ticket for a piano performance? As he is always at the Salle Pleyel, the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées and the Salle Gaveau, you can imagine that he has already made reservations for the next season.

Running out of ideas? You could give him/her a piano lesson. It's an original and unforgettable gift.

If he likes the piano so much, maybe it's time he took it up himself, right? Maybe he's shy about taking it up as an adult. Maybe he never had a chance to play the piano as a child. Maybe you can be that extra push he's been missing by offering him piano lessons!

It's hard to think of a more rewarding gift than giving a loved one the opportunity to learn something new and challenge themselves. In our latest article, we have listed some benefits of playing the piano. This is the kind of gift that can change a life!

In fact, science has proven that experiential gifts are the most appreciated! Receiving one generates happiness and excitement that lasts much longer than receiving a material gift. When you receive a traditional gift, even if it's something valuable like an expensive necklace or a car, you get used to it. Over time, touching and finding the physical item no longer feels as new. The memory of an important experience, however, lasts a lifetime.

Your friend will certainly be looking forward to his first piano lesson. Just think of the excitement of the hours of waiting before they can make their dream come true! This experience will stay with him forever.

Femme recevant cadeau de Noël

Convinced? It is clear that offering a voucher for a piano lesson is a perfect gift for a music lover. However, finding a good teacher can be easier said than done.

But where do you find the right teacher? And how? The chances that you already know someone who specialises in adult piano lessons are pretty slim.

It is much easier to leave this task to the experts. By leaving this difficult job to us, you avoid selecting an instructor who is not right for your friend and ruining their experience. A teacher your friend doesn't feel confident with may discourage him or her. Don't take the risk of going anywhere and come to us instead!

At the Paris Music Institute you can get a voucher for a piano lesson. We take care of ensuring a good match between our clients and their instructor. Isn't that great?

If you have not heard of us yet, here are some pertinent reasons to buy your piano lesson gift voucher for piano lessons from us:

  • Our premises are easily accessible from anywhere in Paris We are located on Rue du Colisée in the 8th arrondissement, a few minutes' walk from the Champs-Élysées. The nearest metro station is Franklin D Roosevelt.
  • Our piano lessons are provided in a gorgeous building which perfectly matches the beauty of the music. Your friend will be inspired.
  • Our piano teachers are the most welcoming, friendly and patient in the world. They are also outstanding pianists, having been educated at the most renowned Universities and Conservatories. They have a real enthusiasm for teaching piano to adult amateurs.
  • Adult education is our speciality. We specialise in teaching adults of all abilities, from those who have never touched a piano in their lives to those with a lot of experience. You don't need to have any innate talent or knowledge of music to take a class with us. Our unparalleled experience in adult education plays a vital role in the success of our students.
  • We offer piano lessons in all styles. This means that your friend can use his voucher for jazz lessons, classical music or even rock and pop music. It's his choice!
  • We offer piano lessons from Monday to Friday until 9pm. We are also open on Saturdays. Thanks to our flexibility, your friend will surely find a time that suits him.
  • For even more flexibility: Our piano lesson vouchers can be redeemed up to seven months after the date of purchase.

If all these reasons are not enough, we have saved the best for last: if your friend enjoys his first piano lesson, he will be able to start a course with us, for 30, 45 or 60 minutes lessons each week! That's a great opportunity!

With a gift like this, you have the privilege of helping a friend fulfil their dream. Is there any greater dream for a piano lover than to become an excellent pianist?

You can buy a voucher for a piano lesson directly online. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Stefan Joubert at He will be happy to help you.


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